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The Rainbow Birthday

on June 16, 2011

This year I was very excited to have a little girl who was finally old enough to really appreciate her birthday. A lot of time was spent looking up ideas and putting them into action. While it made for a very crazy couple of weeks, I do have to say that hearing the birthday girl say “This is going to be the best birthday, Thank you Mom.” certainly made it worth it.


The whole birthday was based on my oldest daughter’s love of rainbows. We started with an outfit, and used the material left over from her skirt to make a new rainbow birthday banner and flags for the patio.



Then the remaining fabric scraps were used to sew the tote bags to hold the loot from our party.


Next I scoured the internet for the perfect birthday dessert. (Google images is my favorite thing for this) Since we needed cupcakes for her school party, we had both rainbow cupcakes and a rainbow cake.



The cupcakes were a modified rainbow chip boxed mix glazed with melted frosting and “Airhead Extreme” candies on top. They turned out great and were definitely a hit!



The birthday cake was an idea that I had wanted to use for quite some time now. There are beautiful tutorials online for cakes with 6 layers in each color of the rainbow. But by the time I started on the cake I was ready for something a little easier. After frosting the cake, I simply decorated it with Skittles and called it good.

While searching for all these ideas, I came upon scores of rainbow birthday party ideas and used some for our fun activities. We had a crafting table set up on the patio where the guests could make pipe cleaner bracelets and paper collage rainbows.



The bracelets were a big hit, but none of the girls finished their rainbows. I am not sure if it was because the morning was getting too hot, or if it was just too boring for a bunch of 4-6 year olds. But we have plenty leftovers to use later.

The last activity was a scavenger hunt for a… Yep you guessed it, a Rainbow! I borrowed the clues from a St Patrick’s day scavenger hunt we used this past year and changed the shamrocks to rainbows.



At the end of the scavenger hunt was a basket full of dancing ribbons rings. The kids actually found my hiding spot before the hunt began, so I had fun finding a new spot without the kids seeing.

And last, but not least, we have the birthday ring. A couple of years ago I had made a birthday ring set and bought a large beeswax candle rolling kit. Each year we make the birthday candles and add decorations to the rings.



The Birthday girl and guests had fun, and I enjoyed doing a bit of creating. The goal for next year is to have fun creating, but stress less!


3 responses to “The Rainbow Birthday

  1. Eve says:

    Everything is so well-made and so lovely with all the colors; you can just see the love that went in to each item. It is just a joy to see all of it in photos!

  2. Michelle F. says:

    All these ideas are incredible!! As a mother of 3, I know how much time, effort, & hard work went into your daughters 5th birthday to make it so special. Way to go Mom of the year!! 🙂

  3. So awesome! Anna was so excited to be part of it! I am sure you needed a good rest after that week. It was spectacular!

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